There are some actors you see partying in El Paso and can't help but feel so much excitement. Especially when it is a celebrity that you hated and loved at the same time from a popular gangster movie.

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If you had some fun at La Catedral over the weekend then you may know which celebrity I am referring to. So for those of you who were not at the party spot over the weekend then you missed seeing Jesse Borrego.

If the name does not ring a bell then you should remember the actor from the movie Blood In Blood Out. If you have seen that movie and it is one of your top gangster films then you will be happy to know the artsy cholo Cruz partied at La Catedral.

The proof comes from a local DJ you see performing at local spots for brunch or events, Johnny Kage. While in the mix Johnny Kage was spotted beside Jesse Borrego having a swell time.

It is always the greatest feeling when you stop somewhere to grab a bite or a drink and see a celebrity hanging out. That is how some guests felt when they noticed the Blood In Blood Out actor partying on the Eastside.

It is obvious that Jesse Borrego aka "Cruz" was enjoying his time that was well spent in El Paso. If you're questioning whether or not he had a good time well just see the evidence Kage shared. You can see the proof for yourself by scrolling through the photos Johnny Kage shared on his Facebook, below.

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