Greeeaaaaaat ... I drink too much coke as it is. Now this!?!?
A California (where else??) based artist is trying to market a "medical" marijuana soft drink.
Clay Butler is trying to to supply medical marijuana dispensaries with a soda type drink that contains THC!! 
NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!    Have a coke and a smile indeed ...
Some of the names this genious is considering are: Canna Cola, a Dr. Pepper-like drink called "Doc Weed", lemon-lime flavored "Sour Diesel", grape-flavored "Grape Ape" and orange-flavored "Orange Kush".
What, no pineapple express??
A 12-ounce bottle will set you back 10 to 15 dollars.  No word on how much THC is in each can. If theres a lot, that may not be a bad deal.  If, however, you need several cans a day to treat your .. ahem "ailment" .. that could get pricey!
The Soquel-based commercial artist says he himself doesn't do drugs or need medical marijuana for any ailments. 
Riiiiiiight .......

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