Nev Sharp of Humpty Doo, Australia has just beat the world record for the loudest burp. Yeah, it is an actual thing.

After years of trying to accomplish burping louder than a motorbike, Nev has completed his goal. According to NT News, he has reached 110.6 decibels, beating the current world record held by Paul Hunn from the UK at 109.9 decibels since 2009.

Here are a few things Nev's burp is louder than:

Hand Drill — 98dB

Power mower 1m away — 107dB

Snowmobile or motorcycle — 100dB

Power saw 1m away — 110dB

Sandblasting or loud rock concert — 115dB

The king of burps owes his talent to his sister who taught him how to gulp air. One simple trick that prepared him and inspired him to make this weird dream come true. I think I can give this guy some competition but I am going to need to learn how to gulp air.

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