There are some El Pasoans who are rejoicing about the latest news they heard about Coke and Jack Daniel's teaming up. Now you will be able to kill two birds with one stone after this happens.

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So instead of you purchasing the bottle of Jack Daniel's and a pack of cokes or a liter along with a bottle of Jack, skip that hassle. The Coca-Cola Company is teaming up with Brown Forman which is a fast and easier way to enjoy a cocktail.

Now as for people who love to drink Coca-Cola with Jack Daniel's means you can put your bartending skills aside since it's about to become easier. Later this year you will be able to pick up a pack of Jack and Coke in a can when it is available.

Now sure a lot of people in El Paso enjoy drinking Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola together, but El Pasoans also love to drink what some call a paleta. Ever since I turned 21 I have always enjoyed drinking a paleta whether it was in a shot, or drink form.

Now I believe some El Pasoans would love to see a paleta in a can be made to purchase and enjoy at home. Now if you have ever ordered a paleta then you know how complicated it looks after watching the bartender mix different ingredients.

There are quite a few El Pasoans who enjoy ordering a paleta when they're out enjoying a drink during the social hour with friends. Let me know if you believe other El Pasoans would also love to see a paleta drink in a can come about in the poll below.

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