There is a slight difference in taste between Coke and Pepsi. I am not prejudiced against any of the sodas but prefer one over the other. Coke has been the brand that always spread Christmas cheer around the holidays. The famous commercials with the Polar Bear sipping on a nice cold Coca Cola. I never noticed any Pepsi commercials during the holidays but noticed them on Super Bowl commercials. Pepsi was the brand that leaned towards comedy while Coca-Cola preferred sentimental moments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and some think Coke is better than Pepsi while others think the opposite. Although I have heard some interesting facts about Coca-Cola that do convince me that Coke is the best soda. It is said that when you’re trying to wash off blood from your clothes, Coca-Cola can remove blood stains. It is also rumored that police officers use it to clean off the blood on highways. If you had to choose your favorite soda between the two, who do you got?

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