This cop sure was right about the local bar they made an arrest at after making a certain comment! I like to think I know El Paso very well just by seeing certain things that help me pinpoint where I am at.

When this cop made his comment about this particular local bar, I had an idea of where they made their arrest. Besides his comment about the problems they encounter there was a dead f**king giveaway. You can also base their location on their surroundings like the fence on the right and the red and white sign at the end of the road. Now do know I had to rewind, pause, and repeat until I could pinpoint what local bar they were at. Another helpful tool that gave me an idea of what bar they were at was Google Maps! Now while A&E Live PD is filming their discussion on this Grandpa, another giveaway was the traffic that is going by in the background. So with what you have seen and heard from this Live PD, do YOU know what local bar they're at? If you don't know, that is a good thing! But if you do know, you either know that area VERY well or have heard the rumors about the illegal issues they have.

If you have an idea of where these cops arrested an Azteca gang member, take the poll below!

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