Don’t try this at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint unless you want your car taken apart.

A group of pranksters filmed themselves selling “coke” out of the back of their car. When the police showed up to investigate, it turned out they were selling Coca-Cola, not Bolivian Marching Powder. The cops had a good laugh and the video is going viral.

Caveat 1: I knew a guy who told the Border Agent on the Bridge of the America’s, when asked if he was bringing anything back from Mexico, “Just a few cases of Coke”.   They detained him for four hours while they disassembled his vehicle looking for cocaine…even after they saw the case of Coca-Cola in his trunk. 

Caveat 2: Only try this prank on police if you’re white. If cops will choke a black guy for selling loose cigarettes in Staten Island, just think what they’d do to a non-Caucasian selling untaxed Coca-Cola products.


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