If you think you do a great job at brushing your teeth, there's a small pink pill that will let you know if you're really doing a great job. The pink pill can actually show you what areas you missed while brushing by staining that area.

Buzzfeed picked a handful of employees that was up for taking this challenge to see if they brush their teeth correctly. These pink pills are called Butler G-U-M Red cote Dental Disclosing tablets. How it works is you put the pill in your mouth and don't swallow, chew it up and let it sit in your mouth for thirty seconds. After the thirty seconds is over with, you will spit out whatever remains from your saliva and the coloring. The people who seemed pretty confident about their brushing were amazed by their results. This experiment would be interesting to try if you're running late for school or work and do those quick brush downs.

The after math for some of these people after trying that pill is pretty funny to see!