I know we all love to enjoy eating trout but I do feel bad for how this trout was taken out by the piranhas. If you have ever wondered how piranhas attacked their next meal, well you can see that above.

Clearly the movies with piranha scenes usually are over dramatic, but this video above shows you an actual piranha attack. I always thought the piranhas quickly attacked whatever came in sight but apparently they take their time. Perfect Pygos shows how the trout was tragically eaten by the 7 piranhas in the fish tank. I did not think it would actually take the piranhas a full minute to finally lay their teeth into the trout. After the actual minute, this video definitely tugged on my heart strings after noticing the blood releasing from the trout. After seeing this we know once the piranhas take that bite, it doesn't take long for them to finish.

If you enjoy watching any kind of attack, then this short film should fit your interest!

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