Pete Loeffler of Chevelle is having a great time on the Carnival of Madness tour, and is ready to hit El Paso tomorrow with the new stage show and rock with Evanescence, Halestorm, Cavo and New Medicine! He called me today (from Lubbock, he believes) to talk about the tour, Hats Off to the Bull, his favorite BBQ, and Steve-O dropping his pants on stage!

In part one, Pete talks about how the Carnival of Madness came together, how the process of recording Hats Off to the Bull went, and Steve-O from Jackass asking to introduce them in Midland:

He jumps up on stage and goes into this comedy routine and proceeds to drop his pants in front of 3,000 people...I guess we shouldn't have been [surprised], I mean if you let Steve-O on stage, he's probably going to drop his pants!

He also talks about the planning for their new album, and the state of the music industry:

The whole shape of the music world is changing...we're finding new ways of doing things because the old ways aren't working anymore.

In the second part, Pete tells the story of forgetting the lyrics to "I Get It" while on stage, and getting a fan on stage to help:

She jumps up there, she's all happy, and I go take it away. And then she just stands there staring at me, like ahhhh...she forgot as well.

We talked about the upcoming Carnivore of Madness BBQ tomorrow, and Pete admitted he's not eating too much red meat anymore:

I'm more of like a seafood guy...I'm into the seafood, barbecue shrimp, that kind of thing.

Get ready for their show tomorrow night, they have the whole bullring stage setup, complete with a huge bull! No one has gotten gored or anything, so get out there and enjoy the show! I'll see you guys there!

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