Facebook reminded me about a fond memory and it struck me that Chevelle hasn’t been to El Paso in a long time. The memory Facebook reminded me of was the time Chevelle performed at Tricky Falls. The last time I saw Chevelle was when they performed at the Don Haskins Center for Carnival of Madness Tour. That tour took place in August 2012 and that was the last time I got to see them. This got me thinking about other bands that also haven’t been to El Paso in a long while. Besides Chevelle, other bands that came to mind being M.I.A. are Trapt, HELLYEAH, and Bring Me The Horizon. Some of these are currently doing shows and wish they could have come here. For example, Chevelle is currently on the road and they’re stopping in Albuquerque on May 2. It has been overdue for me and probably for you as well since seeing one of these bands in El Paso.

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