It was recently announced that Disney would be revamping the Splash Mountain ride to get rid of Song of the South, and replace it with The Princess and the Frog. So of course, douchebags are going to capitalize on this.

As they have opened Magic Kingdom in Disney World, people are showing up and buying as much Splash Mountain merchandise as they can carry. Here are a couple photos of people walking out with gigantic bags filled with Splash Mountain items.

I jumped on over to Ebay to see what kind of items are currently available for Splash Mountain. CLICK HERE to see what's available. If you search by price, starting with the most expensive, apparently you can get the actual blueprints of the ride, along with replicas and other items for a pretty big chunk of money. There are a few items already up with a jacked up price on Ebay, including a lot of pins and plush dolls.

Now, here's my question, who is more douchy for this? The people buying up all the items, or Disney for not putting a cap on it. Now, it could have just been a few people, and not that big of a deal, but does Disney really think they are going to be left with a bunch of left over Song of the South merchandise when all is said and done? No, that stuff is going to sell out no matter what.


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