When you think of your favorite ride at Disneyland and Disney World there is usually a tie. But can you imagine how many others would actually agree or disagree with your choice? Well, a survey was held about each state's favorite ride at Walt Disney World.

Well, when I was a child my two favorite rides were Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. Then, I couldn't only pick one but now as a grown-up, I am content with the Haunted Mansion winning over Texas and other states. Just take a look at the color-coded map of each state's favorite ride at Disneyworld.

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You can see another ride is also in competition with the Haunted Mansion. Space Mountain won a ton of fan's votes over and beat the Haunted Mansion. Space Mountain is the ride that can give you a rush of excitement that has your heart racing once you've landed from take-off.

My reason for the Haunted Mansion is my favorite as a child then was because of the ghost either sitting beside you or on you in the mirror. I always tripped out about that part but my reasoning changed for the Haunted Mansion being my favorite. Now, that the tables have turned and I'm the parent the Haunted Mansion is a perfect ride to relax your feet while cooling off.

I am a little surprised about the outcome because I always pictured Texas being more of a Space Mountain type. But let me know what your favorite ride is out of the top 5 rides at the Disney theme parks in the poll below. You can see the color-coded map Upgraded Points conducted back in March by clicking here.

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