What started out as a heartbreaking story now has a happy ending thanks to a local news station and the magic of Disney.

Last week, KTSM aired a story about an El Paso family that went to Disneyland over winter break and bought gifts for loved ones back in the Sun City.

Sadly, the family found the bag containing their items at the luggage carousel ripped open. The items were found with rips, tires marks, and mostly unsalvagable. The family was heartbroken since it was so close to Christmas and they didn't know how they were going to be able to replace the gifts since many are only available for purchase inside of the theme park.

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KTSM aired the news story and footage the father took as the family sorted through their mangled belongings. In the video, a Southwest Airlines employee can be heard telling the father they be reimbursed $250 or the price of the bag, but not both.

The family was obviously upset since the gifts were worth $1000, not to mention the cost of the suitcase.

After the news outlet aired the story, Disney came through to give this family a happy ending. After hearing of the family's story through the KTSM news story, an official in charge of the Disney stores at the park reached out to them to say they would be replacing all the damaged and destroyed items and they would be arriving by Christmas morning.

On top of that, the family was given a care package from the Disney Store at the Outlet Shoppes of El Paso to hold them over until their gifts arrived.

The family told KTSM they were amazed and touched by how quickly Disney responded and how the company was able to give their loved ones a real Christmas miracle.

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