As the Disney parks prepare to open to the public, let's take a look at some of the secrets is the Disney parks. 

  • There's a tiny, hidden house at the base of Tarzan's Treehouse in Disneyland. CLICK HERE for a previous article I did on this house.
  • Most of the American flags aren't true American flags. The flags on Disney properties are off slightly so they don't have to follow the American flag rules and guidelines, like half-mast or shining a light on them at night. There are true American flags though at both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom.
  • There's a dragon in the Animal Kingdom logoWhen they were first putting together the Animal Kingdom park, they were going to have three areas. One for extinct animals, one for current animals, and one for mythical animals. The live animals and dinosaurs made it, but the mythical creatures like dragons (Beastly Kingdom) never happened.
  • There's a secret suite inside Cinderella's Castle. You can't buy a stay at this magical suite. It's reserved for contest winners and high profile celebs like Tom Cruise and Mariah Carey. But you can get a tour of it as a part of a VIP tour that'll run you about $12,000. CLICK HERE for photos of the suite.
  • Disney uses a color called 'Go Away Green' on things they don't want you to focus on. A mixture of gray and hunter green, this color is used on small parts of construction or in the background when Disney doesn't want you to focus on something.
  • The horses on Main Street really are louder than normal horses. As you enter the park and have the horses passing in front of you, you might think they are abnormally loud. Well, they are. The horses in Disney parks have shoes coated in polyurethane that protect their feet and make them louder than normal.


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