Pearl Jam have released a short film discussing their upcoming release as the clock ticks down to Lightning Bolts' release!

Lightning Bolt, the new release from Pearl Jam, will hit stores on Tuesday, October the 15th!  As the release date draws closer, Pearl Jam have already released two songs from "Lightning Bolt".  "Mind Your Manners" (See Pearl Jam play it live by clicking here!) and "Sirens".  ("Sirens" was also released with an accompanying video that you can see right here!)

Pearl Jam also had artist Don Pendleton design logos for each song (see them here) and now, they have released a short film to tide everyone over until "Lightning Bolt" officially drops October 15th.  Done by Danny Clinch, hear behind the scenes stories and learn a little more about the recording of ... and what to expect from ... "Lightning Bolt" from the members of Pearl Jam themselves!

Right off the bat we're told to expect "stormy, dark images".  Cool ... I can't wait!