We won't get to hear all these tracks until October 16th, but now we know their names and the name of the artist doing the cds artwork!

Lightning Bolt from Pearl Jam drops October 16th.  (Pre - order here!) Between now and then, we may get to hear another new track but the whole CD track listing has been released.  The new songs are:

1) Getaway

2) Mind Your Manners

3) My Father's Son

4) Sirens

5) Lightning Bolt

6) Infallible

7) Pendulum

8) Swallowed Whole

9) Let The Records Play

10) Sleeping By Myself

11) Yellow Moon

12) Future Days

The cover art for Lightning Bolt is being handled by Don Pendleton.  He's actually done a separate picture for each track!  Check them all out here!  The following note on PJs web site explains why they chose him.




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