El Paso has been and continues to getting support from all over. Just recently the Paso del Norte Community Foundation's Victims Relief Fund received a surprising donation. The inmates at Oregon State Penitentiary made a donation of over $600. Gerardo Santiago is an inmate there and the president of the Latino Cultural Club who wanted to help. Santiago had stated that the amount they donated was not much but in our eyes it is plenty.

It's touching to hear how the inmates at Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem showed their support. We are almost reaching two months since the tragedy and still hurts just as much. The inmates may feel their donation is not as great but it isn't about the amount. What really counts is how they tried their hardest to collect as many donations from the inmates there.  This isn't the first time inmates have tried helping out the victims from the Walmart shooting. The Otero inmates held a baked potato sale to help raise money back in August.

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