The hilarious El Paso Meteorologist Robert Bettes is the superhero without a cape. He didn't hesitate to give his own kidney to his oldest son Mason who was in need. Robert Bettes and his wife Amy were given some saddening news when their son was born. That tragic news 20 years ago has become a heroic story today for the Bettes family. Everyone who remembers the hilarious Robert Bettes knew he was a kid at heart.

Robert Bettes and his wife Amy learned over the summer Mason was having kidney failure. Last week Robert Bettes went in for transplant surgery so he could donate his kidney to his son, Mason. Any parent would do whatever they could to help out their kid who is in need. That is exactly what Robert Bettes did when he jumped into action to help his son. Mason Bettes explained his kind of day that consisted of a list of pills he was having to take due to the kidney failure. This time of giving has a whole other meaning for the Bettes family and happy to see it all worked out.

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