The inmates at Otero County Prison Facility are wanting to pitch in to help the El Paso victims. This isn't the first time the inmates have helped out when it was needed. The Otero County Prison Facility has about 1,418 inmates. These inmates are all about setting up fundraisers for those in need. They are no strangers to hosting a fundraiser since they've done it quite often in the past.

This 3-hour fundraising event will be held tomorrow, Friday, August 9. The baked potato sale will be held in the front lobby from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. You can buy a brisket loaded baked potato for $6 and will cost extra for any additional add ons. The inmates hope to reach their goal of $1,000 and will send the funds to the El Paso Community Foundation. The Otero County Prison Facility is located at 10 McGregor Range Road in Chaparral, New Mexico. They will be accepting check and cash donations tomorrow during their baked potato sale. It is nice to see they want to help out the victims that were affected by this horrific tragedy.

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