First, my heart and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the Walmart shooting on August 3, 2019. I am pretty sure everyone can recall where and what they were doing that tragic day. I remember everything that happened from the start to the end of that day. The first sign I saw that showed something was wrong was the number of cop cars speeding on gateway West. My son and I were on our way to Bassett Place to stop by Khol's for some things. We parked between Target and Khol's and as we started walking towards the entrance an alarm went off. My son and I noticed a couple and their child exiting from an emergency exit behind Target. We kept walking towards the Khol's entrance until something stopped us. My daughter's father was meeting us there and then called telling me not to walk into the store. As we're still on the phone a huge crowd of people holding their kids in their arms were running in a panicked way.

When I saw that, I quickly grabbed my son's hand and began running back to our vehicle. There were a bunch of law enforcement telling people to leave because there was possibly another shooter at Costco. Since it wasn't safe to go anywhere that day we stopped by my work and just watched the news. MacArthur Elementary School is where families could reunite with their families. We drove to MacArthur Elementary School to drop off packages of water bottles since they needed refreshments. That was the scariest day of my life that drained all of us mentally and won't ever be forgotten.

After that tragic time passed, Disturbed had some kind words for El Paso and gave the best dedication ever. Disturbed's David Draiman let us all know we were in their hearts and that we are El Paso Strong. Disturbed dedicated "Hold On To Memories" to El Paso after the August 3 shooting at Walmart. This song is a reminder that the 23 beautiful souls we lost won't ever be forgotten and will always be remembered. Anytime Disturbed's "Hold On To Memories" plays I always remember the victims and that tragic day. You can watch the music video for "Hold On To Memories" that Disturbed put up on their YouTube channel. My heart goes out to the victims that lost their lives and their families that have their memories to hold on to.

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