Deftones fans were looking forward to Dia De Los Deftones this year but it won't be happening. Usually, Dia De Los Deftones is held around this time of the year. It was three years ago today I was in San Diego, California for Deftones very first ever Dia De Los Deftones.

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Earlier this year Deftones decided to reschedule their 2021 tour with Gojira for 2022. So Deftones fans knew what that meant for their annual festival that takes place in November.

Deftones fans were yet again bummed to hear they rescheduled their tour for another time. It's crazy that Dia De Los Deftones have only had two festivals since they began.

Deftones first annual Dia De Los Deftones festival was on November 3, 2018, in San Diego. I'm extremely lucky to have been a part of that experience and see certain artists I wouldn't be able to in El Paso.

Dia De Los Deftones was held at Petco Park which is home to the San Diego Padres baseball team. The lineup consisted of Mike Shinoda, Doja Cat, Future, Rocket From the Crypt, Vein, Vowws, and Ho99o9.

As for their Dia De Los Deftones festival in 2019, I wasn't as intrigued by the lineup that year. But then the pandemic came around which canceled Dia De Los Deftones for 2020 and yet again for 2021.

But all Deftones fans can hope for is a better 2022 and be able to Dia De Los Deftones make a return after skipping a couple of years. Feel free to scroll through my pictures from Deftones first-ever Dia De Los Deftones festival that happened on this day three years ago.

Dia De Los Deftones 2018

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