There are tons of Deftones fans all around the world especially right here in El Paso, Texas. Deftones fans in the borderland were bummed about El Paso, Texas not making the cut for their tour dates. Well, the closest they were coming to the Sun City was in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Deftones were set to play in Albuquerque on Saturday, September 11. But not that long ago the band had rescheduled yet again. Deftones will now be playing in Albuquerque on Thursday, April 28.

So far they haven't said anything about rescheduling Dia De Los Deftones just yet.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that their festival is still a go.

Looking back to when I interviewed Chino Moreno, I had a feeling they were going to reschedule. Remember when Deftones were a part of our Maytallica Mayhem Festival shenanigans?

Well, I asked him if they were planning anything special for their September 11 show in Albuquerque. He sort of hesitated a bit and somehow managed to wiggle his way around that question. But other than that we talked about what he enjoyed doing in El Paso when Deftones would be in town.

Plus, the highlight of my day was being able to make Chino Moreno laugh about the deep question I asked him. Oh, and that deep question revolved around intimate music he believes is a romance sparker. But you will have to listen to hear it for yourself down below. We covered all sorts of subjects revolving around Chino Moreno and his band Deftones.

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