I have been the biggest fan of all the Michael Meyers movies since the beginning. I am stoked about the new Halloween that will soon be released!

Movie Clips Trailers released a sneak peek for the new Michael Meyers film and it looks scary. The movie is set to be released October 19 this year which is going to be quite the Halloween treat! It is kind of confusing if you remember one of the older Halloween films where Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) was killed. But either way, it's still awesome to see her return to the horror flick with revenge!

My ultimate favorite flick of them all would be Halloween H20 with Josh Hartnett who plays Jamie's high school son. In that one, you will see a lot of gore and plot twists that lead to another sequel. Every movie before we assumed Michael was Laurie's brother but come to find out that he's not in this new Halloween film. If Michael wasn't so violent some women would actually appreciate the chasing he does with Laurie. We got to ask ourselves if this will be the final chapter of Michael or will it still continue after another few years?

So mark your calendar for October 19 to see Laurie maybe put an end to the man who has been after her for years!

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