The year is coming to end. I actually love this time of year because all the "Best Of" lists start coming out. All the "Best Songs," or "Best Shows," and my personal favorite, "Best Movies" of 2018. It's my favorite because I get to see what movies I might have missed, but also I get that moment where I'm like "Oh, yeah, that came out this past year!" I've always wanted to create my own list and I feel like now that I have this platform this is my chance!

With the Golden Globe nominations out generating a bunch of Oscar buzz, it's easy to see what movies are already being deemed "must see" and "best film of 2018." But, as much as I have my respects to the Hollywood Foreign Press and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I don't always agree with their choices. So, now that I actually get a moment to put my own list together, I'm going to need some help! That's where you come in!

YOU get to tell me what were the best movies of the year. What movies gave you that good feeling where afterwards you felt warm and fuzzy? What movies had you on edge and left speechless at the end? This is your moment to give me your opinion, which of course, you totally have an opinion! There will be no categories, just a straight up list of the best of the best. The only criteria here is the movie had to be released between Jan. 1st of 2018 until December 31st of 2018 (Netflix films WILL be allowed/included). You tell me the best one, and I'll choose the "10 Top Best Movies of 2018 as Chosen By You." You have until December 14 to send me your favorites and I'll tally them all up! You can send me your entry on Twitter @joannabarbacoa and through the KLAQ & Buzz Adams Show Facebook pages. Have fun! Below, are just some of your choices!

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