Rumors began swirling online last night that the Grammy award-winning artist The Weeknd would be making a stop in El Paso this month. More than one The Weeknd fan had their week made then became heartbroken after news broke that there was an El Paso date showing up on The Weekend's website last night. The news broke on fitfamelpaso's Instagram page last night:

The Instagram account did point out that the El Paso watering hole did have a "House of Balloons" event listed for that evening, where a DJ would be spinning his greatest hits. A couple of hours after the news broke and pandemonium started to hit, Later Later responded to the post with an explanation and a post on their Instagram as well:

"Allow us to clarify, as a huge error has taken place. We announced an event titled HOUSE OF BALLOONS that will be themed around The Weeknd. Somehow this event was linked to his official website without our knowledge. We can confirm that The Weeknd WILL NOT be in attendance for the event. We apologize for the confusion that has taken place over this error."

No word on exactly how the tribute evening ended up on The Weeknd's website but after all this publicity, people may show up to the event just to see if by some off chance The Weeknd would randomly show up. People can still dream, right?

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