Newspapers used to be the gateway to finding out what's going in the world. Nowadays, in the digital age, we get everything on our computers, tablets, or phones & it's clear practically no one here at work actually reads the newspaper anymore.

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Everyone usually gets their news from either an app on their phone, or on their computer. The only person who actually READS the newspaper here is Buzz Adams. He's always either reading the newspaper in his office to find stories to talk about on the Morning Show, or leaving it in the bathroom for anyone else to read. Well...whenever he goes out of town, like when he did this week, no one else reads the newspaper. So when they show up, they all get left outside in the front of the a newspaper graveyard.

For a whole week, newspapers have been piling up & NO ONE's bothered to touch them or throw them away. They're all just...sittin' there...rotting away in the sun.

It's crazy because I remember growing up seeing my parents & grandparents read the newspaper all the time. I'm 28 now & I grew up in a time where newspapers where slowly being phased out & computers were starting to appear in every house, every school or just about any building I would go to. Now there's little to no need to actually hold & read a newspaper, since everything is online where you can literally find out anything you want in a matter of SECONDS.

It's just another reminder that times are indeed a changing...



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