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Bar Stool Talk for the Hangover Crowd

Waking up to the Buzz Adams Morning Show is a little like waking up in your favorite bar, without the accompanying hangover or discovery of the penis drawn on your face while you were passed out. Whether it’s weird news, sports, movies, TV, politics or pop culture, Buzz, Lisa, Joanna and Brandon will make your snooze button obsolete with their takes and smart-assery on whatever subject they’re tackling.

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BYOT- Aspiring Female Lawyers Can Now Bring Tampons To Bar Exam
Great news for aspiring female lawyers in the Lone Star state- you can now carry your own female hygiene products into your bar exam. A new rule by the Texas Board of Law Examiners will allow female bar exam test takers to bring their own feminine hygiene products to the exam, which is administered …

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