Lately, it seems like there has been a lot of hate crimes happening around the world. There was another particular hate crime that occurred leaving a lot of people shocked and disgusted. The hate crime was broadcasted on national news that happened in New York City.

An Asian American woman was minding her own business walking along the sidewalk when she was attacked for no reason. The footage shows Brandon Elliot attacking the woman by using his legs with all his force to hurt her. What makes this worse is two employees who witnessed the attack didn't do anything to help her until after the fact.

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Brandon Elliot the suspect is a parolee, was caught and is now facing up to 25 years if he is convicted, which hopefully he will be. It is believed the hate crimes against Asians began after Trump's racial statement about Coronavirus calling it the "Chinese virus" and placing blame.

Well, someone, you've seen on the big screen and on television will be speaking for a virtual NMSU event. Activist and award-winning actor BD Wong will be part of the University Spring Speakers this month. You should be familiar with BD Wong if you've seen Jurassic Park and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

On Wednesday, April 28 is when you can catch BD Wong's marvelous speech at 7:30 pm. BD Wong will share his thoughts and experiences with rejection, stereotyping, and racism in the entertainment industry. This virtual event by NMSU is open to the public and is also free of charge if you're interested. So if you would like to join and are interested you can get yourself registered for the virtual NMSU event with BD Wong by clicking here.

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