New Mexico State University students are testing out a new scooter-sharing service on campus for the next 2 months. We all know how hard it can be running around a college campus, trying to make it to class on time and NMSU gets it. Now, New Mexico State University is trying to make traveling around the campus easier and faster by embracing the electric scooter trend! The Associated Students and the company "Spin" are working together and just launched a scooter-sharing program on campus. There will be 100 dockless, electric scooters placed around the campus for students to use. Each night, the scooters will be collected, recharged and then put back at their designated spot in the morning. According to KRQE, the scooters are available to rent through a phone app and cost "$1 per ride plus 15 cents per minute." After the initial 60 days, NMSU will look at feedback from students to see if they would like the scooters to stay.

Scooter-sharing programs have been in the news and are a controversial subject between cities they are being placed in and the users of the scooter programs. Vision impaired people in communities find it difficult to hear the scooters as they drive up and the scooters being left on sidewalks are a hazard on footpaths. A disability advocacy group is now suing scooter companies over injuries and hazard associated with the scooters on the sidewalks and roadways. Judging by these headlines, the feedback from the college campus will ultimately be a large decider whether the school decides to keep the scooter program running.

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