In August I wrote about David Clements, a business professor at New Mexico State who had been “relieved of teaching duties” but not 'let go' over his refusal to follow the universities vaccine, mask and testing protocols.

Well…we have an update! Mr. Clements has been fired by the university.

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surgical masks
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Clements posted “Well, it’s official. I’ve been terminated” on his own social media. NMSU confirmed that he is “no longer employed” by the university. So, it sounds like it’s official.

According to Provost Carol Parker, not following the school’s Covid policy was PART of the reason for his dismissal. Another part was allegations that he created an “intimidating environment” for his students, a claim that Clements denies. I’ll just drop in the “first day of class” video. You can judge for yourself.


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So, since August when school started up, Clements had been placed on administrative leave. PAID leave! So what was he doing while not teaching but still getting paychecks from NMSU? Why, all of the things you would expect a dedicated educator who’s definitely NOT trying to cultivate a fan-base to do: posting videos like “Law Professor vs. the Marxists” on Rumble, going on Tucker Carlson and editing the video of his own disciplinary hearing with little Nazi swastikas super-imposed whenever NMSU administrators spoke. You know…"educator" of the year type of stuff.


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Oh, he also got $280,000 raised by an unnamed “political ally”. I have no idea who that mysterious ally so I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s the My Pillow Guy.

$280 000, PLUS your wages for NOT doing your job for 2 months? Well, no one can accuse him of not being a savvy businessman.


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