I don’t call Brian Posehn “The Nerd King” for nothing. Sure, I like Star Wars and comic books. Brian Posehn has actually BEEN in Star Wars (“The Mandalorian”) and comic books (“Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer AND he wrote 45 issues of Deadpool). Also, he hosts a podcast about Dungeons and Dragons. Even I draw the nerd-line at Dungeons and Dragons.

Brian is also a huge metal-head and he has a new album out called “Grandpa Metal”.

Grandpa Metal, according to Posehn, is kind of the “OK Boomer” of metal fandom: it’s what you call a metal fan who thinks anything that came out after 19-fill-in-the-blank is festering hot puke.

For a fuller explanation of Grandpa Metal watch starting at the 3:57 mark of this video.

For a HILARIOUS critique of Vince Neil performing at the 2015 Rock in Rio go to the 4:30 mark of the same video!

Brian will be our guest on the Buzz Adams Morning Show on Tuesday March 17th.

Here’s the official video for the title track of “Grandpa Metal” with the prototype for Grandpa Metal, Scott Ian of Anthrax.

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