The countdown to Christmas has officially begun so, get ready for all kinds of Christmas lists breaking the internet. 

Gift ideas, decoration ideas, places to see Santa, etc. On the subject of seeing Santa, he's got a pretty static outfit, with variations being few and far between. I've seen Mrs. Clause depicted in many ways though so, as my first Christmas list post for 2017, I give you ... these!

Want some more?  Click here.

Now, the holidays aren't all about Mrs. Claus though. First of all, she's taken and nobody wants to end up on the big guys naughty list. Second, those elfs though...

Need a few more? Click here!

Those are just the first few I found online, what do you Borderland Babes have?  Send us a picture of you in your hottest Christmas outfit, we'll post the pics here and our elite team of experts will pick a favorite to get a special Christmas gift!  Deadline is 12/23, the winner will be announced, (and possibly given their own photo feature here at, December 24th!

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