This year's KLAQ Halloween parade was a smashing success! There were a ton of floats, thousands of onlookers, and some of the coolest costumes we've seen in a while.

As part of the parade, the BAMS crew was in the first float and had the opportunity to see everyone's Halloween costumes up close, as we drove by. Here are our favorite costumes from this year's KLAQ Halloween parade.

Lisa ran into a friend while walking around who made her own very creative and crafty costume as a 'Woodland Faun.'


As Joanna looked out from the parade float she saw what first looked like a familiar sight but then what turned out to be a very clever costume. Someone took the time to create a J.J. Armes costume. Well, it was accomplished skillfully and is hilarious but we're wondering if it's any bit offensive.

Joanna Barba

Buzz says that while he was on the float he saw someone dressed just like Linda Belcher. "I don't even know if she had a family that also dressed up, but she was dressed exactly like the character. From the haircut to the makeup and the clothes, it was great."

Nico noticed a nostalgic video game character walking around the park. "Someone dressed up EXACTLY like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. He had make-up to make his face white, contacts for the ice-blue eyes, and the costume of a professional cosplayer, that's how good it was."

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El Pasoans are some pretty creative people. It turns out that the Sun City house natives not only crafted some of their own best costumes but also some of the most clever.

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SPOOKY GOOD: 2019 KLAQ Halloween Parade

For 2019, KLAQ's Halloween parade brought out Tony the Tiger to be the Grand Marshal. As for the Buzz Adams Morning Show, they dressed up and drove around as The Wizard of Oz but zombie style. Thank you to everyone who came out to the parade and make it a spooky good time.