This is going to take some work on everyone's part, but this can be done. First and foremost, we need people to decorate their houses for Halloween. It doesn't take much, but something is better than nothing. Hang a ghost or a witch on your door. Seriously, anything will do.

Next, make sure you go get your costume like you normally would. Because we're going out folks! We're going through the neighborhoods, with one big difference. We aren't going to be knocking on doors. We are going through the neighborhoods, checking out the decorations and using those decorations to give out the candy. Parents, you do need to buy a bag of candy for your family. One big bag of mixed candies is fine.

The next thing you'll need is either a BINGO card or a list of standard Halloween decorations. This is where you can find the best method for you and your family to divvy out the candy. You can play Halloween BINGO and when someone gets a BINGO they get a piece of candy. Or just have a list and every time something is on your list, is a piece of decoration at a house, you get a piece of candy. This is going to take some adapting because who knows what kind of decorations are going to pop up. But I'll get to work on a list and how much you get for each thing. Something else you can throw in is other people's costumes. Every time you see a Captain America, check off a box, or get a piece of candy.

This is essentially a scavenger hunt, but the whole point of this is we don't have to accept defeat in the face of COVID-19. We can still make Halloween fun. And dammit, let's do it. Now, let's get to decorating.

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