We are almost approaching that time of the year for spooks and thrills. Once September arrives Halloween fanatics start preparing for the following month. Besides that, Halloween is also an all-time favorite simply for the horror flicks, haunted houses, and costumes.

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Halloween is the happiest time of the year for some El Pasoans. It is the time we adults can feel like kids again getting dressed up and in on some candy thanks to our kids. Halloween fanatics' eyes light up when they spot a familiar Halloween store they shop at.

There are people who prefer to make their own costumes for Halloween celebrations. While others just don't have the patience or time so they prefer to buy one already made. El Paso's long-time favorite Halloween store that comes and goes every year is making another return.

The Halloween store is known for picking out bigger buildings with a lot of room. For example, last year my friend Cera Mathson shared Spirit's Westside location. The Westside location last year was at the Coronado Shopping Center off N. Mesa.

It was where the store Ana's Linens used to be at back in the day. A couple, Adam and Marybel Frias were stoked when they discovered the new location of where Spirit's new location is going to be. This year Spirit will be taking over where the old Alberston's used to be off Hondo Pass Dr. in the Northeast.

When they shared their picture on their Facebook, they had a ton of shares. But hopefully, this year's Halloween will be a little better since most are getting vaccinated.

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