Even in the afterlife, some things never change. These ghosts give people the shakes and their "milk" shakes are bringing the boys ... and ghouls ... to the yard.

We all know that Casper was a friendly ghost, these ghosts in Texas want to be friends with benefits.

Where the most haunted place in Texas is can be debated for days. I think we have a winner for sexiest fright site though.

A couple in Gainesville, Texas claim their house is haunted by sex crazed spirits still looking for some action in the afterlife.  (source)

You may think this is a joke but the home's owner, Linda Hill, is (un) dead serious about it.

According to her, ghostly voices moan and groan ... sexually, not creepily ... while saying sexy things like "“oh baby, oh baby, yeah” and “yeah, I like it like that”.

After going through 10 renters in 2 years, the house is now rented for short periods of time, to ghost hunters only. Linda got "ghosted" herself once, in the shower

She was showering, she said, when she noticed a “dark figure” peering at her through the shower curtain. When the figure whispered, “Lookin’ good,” Hill thought it must be her husband flirting … until her husband walked into the room and asked her whom she was talking to. - thecut.com

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

There's also a bathroom door in the house that won't stay closed so, it seems, sex AND voyeurism are alive and well in the afterlife.

Assuming the sex goes along with "drugs and rock 'n roll" in the afterlife too, I'm sort of looking forward to it now.

Linda's ghosts, mind you, just talk about it. The oversexed spooks around this lady got right down to business.

Personally, this is kinda how I see myself coming back.

Except my presence would also be made known by the scent of Coors Light, motorcycle exhaust and ganja.

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