Bullying isn't cool. Violence usually isn't the best way to handle situations but that doesn't stop people from doing it.

A video was posted on Facebook showing a mysterious fight between a boy and a girl at Sonoma Valley High School. In the video you see a boy being brutally hit in the face with the young girls knee, twice. A teacher did run out to break up the fight but the girl ran away before she could be questioned for her actions.

Reports from students say the girl attacked the boy because had been bully other girls in the school. You could say this girl was trying to be a mysterious superhero, bringing justice and fleeing out into the school hall. Neither teacher not students really knew who the girl was, and authorities haven't been able to identify either the boy or girl shown in the video.

Sonoma High Principal kathleen Hawing does confirm that the incident happened but still can't figure out who the kids are. Either way, some people are joking to find the girl so that she can start training for an UFC match.