Bullying is the worst kind of behavior anyone can display and will hopefully stop. Bullying has been around for a long time and if you're against it (which hopefully you are) then join in on this!

Stomp Out Bullying wants you to join in and show your support of being anti-bullying. They're asking everyone to wear blue on October 1 to stand against bullying. Ross Ellis put together this organization in hopes to never see a child in pain. In high school, I remember a group of guys would always hassle this one student who seemed less fortunate. The guys would always hassle him and make fun of him and he would get bothered and be the one to get in trouble for the guys bullying. One day I had enough of their sh*t that I told the group of guys I wouldn't be surprised if one day that less fortunate student came to shoot their a**es because of their bullying. Come to my surprise the guys stopped their bullying and didn't bother him ever again. Bullying is the cause of tragic events like suicide and shootings. Which is why you should stand up against bullying and wear your blue with pride on Monday, October 1 to show some support.

So mark your calendars and save the date for October 1 and have your blue shirt ready!

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