A Christian radio host is in hot water for allegedly slapping a woman's butt in Target.

A Christian radio host in Toledo, Ohio has been arrested for slapping a woman's butt inside a Target bathroom. Mark Howington, 52, is the co-host of Proclaim FM's 102.3 morning show. According to the police, Howington went into the women's restroom and slapped Debrah Piechowski on the behind. Here's what Piechowski had to say about the encounter:

"I just wanted to go after him, because I didn't want him to get away. And I said 'I need security right now.' And the manager came over to me and said 'Ma'am can I help you?' I said, 'Yeah, some guy just assaulted me - hit me on my rear-end coming out of the lady's restroom."

When police arrived, Howington refused to cooperate and was arrested. Police also found the sharp end of a screwdriver in his pocket.

The victim, Piechowski, believes it is obvious that Howington has issues and hopes he gets help but said she is following through with charges.



Howington is currently suspended from the radio station and Barry Fissel, executive board director at Proclaim FM released a statement regarding the situation:

"The staff at Proclaim FM, as well as the board, were rocked by this. Obviously, we are concerned for his safety, as well as the woman who reported it."

According to WTOL, Howington is also a connections pastor at The Dwelling Place - a church in Holland.