This past weekend all of my friends were talking about something called Sharkeisha. I looked up the definition to the word Sharkeisha on urban dictionary and this what I came up on, " Verb. 1. To Punch The Soul From Another Being's Body." I honestly thought it was about a shark. It's not! I was in shock looking at the video but what I'm most shocked about is nothing has been done about this girl being beaten and bullied!

The video shows a girl named Sharkeisha sucker punching the victim Shamichael Manuel right in the face then kicking her in the face while she is on the ground.

The mother of the victim says her daughters ego has been bruised and embarrassed. The fight is apparently over a boy. Shamichael's mother is pressing charges against Sharkeisha but as of today she has not been arrested. According to news outlets, Sharkeisha has not been suspended from school either because the fight did not occur on school grounds.

The fight has sparked a lot of talk on the internet. From people making her a character in GTA, on twitter people are making memes and comparing her to a NFL kicker.