After taking his 'My Little Pony' lunch box to school, 9-year-old Grayson Bruce has been continuously bullied by his classmates. When his mother, Noreen Bruce, approached his North Carolina school to intervene in her son's harassment, they told her, "When you carry things like that these things happen."

As ridiculous as that statement sounds, this elementary school's principal contact Noreen to tell her son to not bring his lunchbox to school anymore. Of course, this has outraged the community and many people on social media, showing this school is not willing to punish the bullies but punish Grayson for showcasing what he likes.

Back in January, an 11-year-old in Wake County, North Carolina, attempted suicide, by hanging himself off his bunk bed after being bullied at school for liking the 'My Little Pony' cartoon.

Friends of Grayson have created a Facebook page to support and empower other children who are bullied, especially for liking 'My Little Pony'. For now Grayson does keep his 'My Little Pony' stuff at home but has raised awareness for a serious issue that continues to be a major problem amongst schools.