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AMA round 12 in san Diego this past weekend and Villopoto has locked up the 2011 championship!!

First he clocked the fastest practice laps at 2:10.  Then he went out and kicked everybodys butt.  In moto 1, Alessi got the hole shot, but all eyes are on Villopoto and my man Dungey!  (Reeds out of the picture following a first lap crash!)  Villopoto and Dungey are bar to bar most of the race but Dungeys' pushing a little toooo hard.  No serious mistakes, but a few little things that Villopoto is able to capatilize on. (Villopoto's also riding pretty hard, considering all he basically has to do is finish!)  This leaves Dungey and Barcia  battling for second, which ultimately goes to Dungey!!


Moto 2 sees Reed back and out front while Villopoto cruises in 8th.  8th?!?!  (No worries though, Villopoto owns this as long as he finishes decently!)  Points wise, it's in the bag and 2011 looks to totally be Ryans' year!  Dungey isn't making it easy on anybody though; he makes his way through the pack and ultimately wins the day overall. Villopoto rolls to an easy third place finish and maintains the points lead.

2011 is the year of "The V" as Villopoto OWNS this year; taking the AMA and Supercross championships!  Nice!


In The Lites, the action is between Baggett and Wilson, with Wilson taking the day and the championship!!  Check out the top 5 MX results below ... for more info and some great pics, visit supercross.com!!

Motocross Class Results

1.Ryan Dungey - SUZ - 2/1

2.Ryan Villopoto - KAW - 1/3

3.Justin Barcia - HON - 3/2

4.Brett Metcale - SUZ - 5/5

5.Mike Alessi - KTM - 4/7

2011 Final Motocross Class Point Standings

1.Ryan Villopoto - 526

2.Ryan Dungey - 514

3.Chad Reed - 429

4.Brett Metcalfe - 374

5.Mike Alessi - 304

Locally, lot's of noise up and down I-10 with The Rolling Thunder POW/MIA Awareness Run.  I wasn't able to go and I haven't heard from anyone as to how many bikes showed, but (using the past Rolling Thunders as a barometer) I'm sure the turn out was huge!!  No pictures yet, but if anyone got any good ones, send them over and I'll post them in a later blog!!

There it went ... the fastest couple of minutes in radio, Motorcycle Monday!!  Brought to you every Monday on KLAQ thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports!! 

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Next up, The Motocross De Nations in France and Ruidosos' Aspencade!!  Ride safe ya'll!!

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