Being a Charger fan myself, I was devastated to hear about the San Diego Chargers soon to be L.A. Chargers news. The other fan base in this video were beyond upset about the news that they destroyed their own gear.

I don't blame the fans in San Diego being disappointed about the move for the Chargers. From the looks of it on the video above show that their emotions are running high about bolting from San Diego. One fan told the news reporter that it felt as if a family member is dying. Not only are the San Diego fans perturbed about this but the local EL Paso fans are as well. Some of the EL Paso local San Diego Chargers fan club members stated their opinion about this and is heartbreaking. I won't be surprised if some fans decide to jump ship from what once was the San Diego Chargers to another team.

Watch these Charger fans show their raw emotions on camera for the world to see.

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