Who doesn't love a good roller coaster ride? When you travel to New Mexico, one of the most famous rides is the New Mexico Rattler in Albuquerque & of course we have plenty at Western Playland in Sunland Park, New Mexico (a favorite for El Pasoans too). But if you travel to Ruidoso, New Mexico, you can now ride a rollercoaster in the mountains called The Screaming Eagle; the first one in the state of New Mexico.


Where is The Screaming Eagle in Ruidoso?

If you travel to Alto, New Mexico (just 5 miles north of Ruidoso), you'll find The Screaming Eagle at the Ruidoso Winter Park. If you want to see video of it, there's not many of the ride at the moment aside from those taken by local news stations. You'll definitely notice it's quite different from what a normal roller coaster looks like. Inside of many cars, there's just one that sits 2 people.

There's a reason The Screaming Eagle seats only 2 people

Since the cars are traveling around giant trees, they travel at a max speed of about 25mph. So while it might not be the fastest , you ARE surrounded by nature & you are allowed to take a passenger with you. There are size & age requirements so not just anyone can ride;

  • The driver must be at least 9 years old & at least 4.3 ft. tall
  • the passenger must be at 3 years old & at least 3 ft. tall.

I know I've always been nervous around rollercoasters but if you're braver than me & you want to give it a shot, now you could if you wanted.

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