We did our best to avoid it ... I even tried to pretend I forgot it ... but, Valentines Day is here fellas.

For those of you with no idea what to get for that special somebody, I thought I'd post a few ideas for you.  (As soon as I can come with even 1 decent one, I will.)  In the meantime, here are a few romantic rock tunes.

If nothing else, they'll help you set a nice romantic mood for when you tell her she's getting a Chicos Tacos gift card for VD Day.......

On that note, let's start with Buckcherry and "Sorry".  (Who knew these guys could be romantic?)

Another guy who was actually pretty good about being sweet and sappy??  Axl!  (Of course, with Axl those tender moments would most likely be followed up by an ass kicking...)

You can't really set a good romantic rock mood without a good romantic rock ballad!  Enter Ozzy and Lita Ford ... nothing more loving than the Prince of Darkness and a Runaway!

Papa Roach can get you "right there" also. (Though knowing Jacoby, he'll probably pull some hysterical prank on his girl right after he gets her to cry!)

The winner though, HAS to be Hinder!  Who else can not only turn the girls to mush but do it with a song that's about cheating!!  Props to them for helping the ladies to be even more emotionally unbalanced!!

Well played Hinder ... well played.

As for gifts, how about a shirt or something from one of these bands?!?!

(If she dumps you over your lack of sensitivity, YOU can wear it to Chicos!)