A new study is proving what most El Pasoans already knew, El Paso is the most loving city  in America!

Ok, maybe I am a bit biased because I was born and raised in El Paso, but the study just proves me right and I couldn’t agree with it more!


How Do They Know This:

The survey, done by Crossword-Solver, analyzed over 15 million tweets to figure out how many times each state has ever tweeted a term of endearment.

They analyzed tweets that contained variations of the phrase ‘I love you’ and variations of the heart emoji followed by ‘U’ and ‘You.’

After that, they were able to calculate the proportion of “loving” tweets per 100k to determine which location was more loving than others.


How Did El Paso Do?

The survey broke down their results from Countries, to states, to cities and El Paso took home the top spot for the most loving city!

According to the survey, El Paso had 521 loving tweets per 100k overall! Way to go, El Paso!


Other survey findings: 

  • The most loving country is Guatemala, counting 2,217 loving tweets per 100,000.
  • Cochabamba, Bolivia, is the most loving city in the world (with 2,878 loving tweets per 100k).
  • The most loving capital city in the world is Manila, Philippines (1,246 loving tweets per 100k).
  • In the U.S., the most loving state is West Virginia (613 loving tweets per 100k), and El Paso, Texas, is the most loving city (521 loving tweets per 100k).

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