I doubt they know what inning it is, but they can tell you how many selfies they can snap within one minute.

The Arizona Diamondbacks played the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday Night and fans in the stadium watched the game cheering on their teams.

Well, most of the fans.

A large group of sisters from the Alpha Chi Sorority at Arizona State University attended the game to allegedly watch the game. Instead the ladies, all dressed up in Diamondbacks gear, took one of the longest selfie sessions I have ever witnessed. And that includes my own selfie sessions. One of the MLB cameras caught the whole thing.

The ladies were taking pictures so long that even the announcers for the game took notice, and start commentary of what they believed the ladies were talking about and captioning their photos.

From the duck faces, photos with churros and hot dogs and even just random texting, the women look like they haven't even looked up to see how the game is going. If someone asked any of them what the score was, I don't think they would know the answer, or even what inning it was.

The commentary is hilarious, and almost as funny as the fact the girls didn't know they were being mocked at the time. Although the Diamondbacks did get in on the fun y having the group take a selfie on the team's Twitter and SnapChat. Read more at the DailyMail.