Leilani Dowding - Babe of the Day
Leilani Dowding is a former Page 3 Girl. Currently she's Number 1 in our hearts, though. (Betcha didn't see that joke coming.) She's tall, lithe, classy and so gorgeous that it makes our brains hurt. She's appeared on a few reality TV shows and now has her own clothing line calle…
Girl Craps Pants While Twerking, Real or Fake?
In a social media world where half of the videos have been altered, you have to question every video, that is too good to be true. This video of a girl twerking so hard she craps her pants, has us questioning if it is real, or fake?
Fight Breaks Out Leaves Girl Topless!
I'm lovin it! This is what happens when they announce they only have one burger left. You have to see this clip from liveleak of an all-out, face-punching, hair-pulling, foot-kicking battle at a Northeast El Paso fast food restaurant.

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