Metallicas' movie comes out in a couple of months and so does the soundtrack!!

I know, I know.  This is about the third post I've done regarding this movie ... I'm that freakin' excited about it!!

Through The Never is set to be released in IMAX theaters in September, then theaters everywhere get it October 4th!

The movie is about a Metallica roadie who is sent out to run an errand for the band and winds up in a (really weird!!) riot.

The 2 disc sound track is, basically, a Metallica live disc!  Featuring:

‘The Ecstasy of Gold’//‘Creeping Death’

‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’//‘Fuel’

‘Ride the Lightning’//‘One’

‘The Memory Remains’//‘Wherever I May Roam’

‘Cyanide’ //‘… And Justice for All’

‘Master of Puppets’//‘Battery’

‘Nothing Else Matters’//‘Enter Sandman’

‘Hit the Lights’//‘Orion’

You can pre-order the disc here.  To get you warmed up and ready to go "Through The Never", here's the official trailer!